It has been thirty-four years since I became a paraplegic and it has been thirty-four years that I have heard about Research. Astronomical amounts of monies have been collected in the name of Research and I am still living as a paraplegic without a solution. As a person who is directly affected by paraplegia My Mission is to create an event called:

“The United Steps of America”

To walk across the United States of America from New York to Los Angeles, 3355 miles beginning May 2019. This is where my journey has lead me, this is the deeper purpose of my life. To bring Awareness to Paraplegia, but also to have people from all walks of life join me in these United Steps. We all have the symbolism of the Impossible in our lives. Let us walk together and find the inspiration that lays within one’s soul and achieve the Impossible. Each person walking for their own cause, but United……The United Steps of America.

We need your Support. Spread the Word. We are seeking sponsors to fund every mile walked. The funds will be given to the one who finds a Cure for Paraplegia.

As stated before, A life dictated by 2 wheels in a seated position is not a way to live in a world, where the Footprint of one’s life, leaves its Footprints in this World.

Let us Find a Cure. Let Us Walk …United.