2 000 000 steps in 7 months


In 2009, I started to embark on what symbolized the mid point of my life, age 50 and I began to ask myself,   “What have I contributed to this life?’  Upon asking myself that question, at the age of 48, I decided to Cross France from North to South to bring Awareness to the Society’s blindness regarding the terrible consequences of spinal cord injuries. Not only was I to cross France from North to South, but standing up on my own two legs;  legs that no longer communicate with my mind, legs that would not communicate to me that they are touching the ground upon which they walk.  As a paraplegic for the past 27 years, physical limitations have always presented themselves as barriers, barriers that in most cases I could not overcome.  However, this was one that I would overcome, this was one, that I would win.  So I did.  In March 2012 I had accomplished the Impossible, I crossed France on my own two legs, 2 000 000 steps. This journey became possible because it forced me to live in the present moment.  I could not have walked across France living in the past, nor could I, looking towards the future.  I had to take each step as though the physical limitation of not having the consciousness of my legs did not exist, I had to become my legs, in each moment, of every minute, of everyday.

I have to thank the storekeepers of Menton for having helped me financially to start this project as well as Mister Cherki, Mayor of Eze and especially Mister Cieux, CEO of Somegel.